Friday, March 28, 2014


Our circle theme went wonderfully!  The girls had tons of fun (so did I) and all of them are finding circles all over in their environment!  Here are some of the circle activities we did.  (Many of these ideas I got from Pinterest.)
I'm reposting my tissue paper on contact paper in the window picture.  This was easy and lots of fun and all the girls could participate.  We did this on day one of circles.  We sang a simple song:
A circle's like a ball, a circle's like a ball, round and round it never stops a circle's like a ball.
I also had simple shapes cut out and gave each girl two and had them bring me the circle.

On ball/bubble/sphere day we did Pom Pom patterning with magnets glued onto pom poms.  The girls all did great with color matching.  They also did their own variations just playing with the Pom poms.  :). 
I didn't get a picture of the ball or bubble play, but that was great fun too.  We did bubbles outside and I brought out balls to play with our inside basketball hoop.  At calendar/carpet time I taped a big circle on the floor and we sang:
A circle is a shape (kick feet) that goes around and around(spin around),  a circle is a shape that goes around and a round, it goes round and round and round and round(draw circles in the air), a circle is a shape that goes around and around.  Lets walk in the shape of a circle; lets crawl in the shape of a circle; lets hop in the shape of a circle, etc.  they loved this...we did it the rest of the week along with our "a circles like a ball song."

Day three was hoop day!  The girls did all kinds of fun activities with hula hoops.  We played the Hoopy Pokey, they built an awesome snowman out of hoops, they played jump from hoop to hoop, and jump through the hoop like puppies, one of their favorites was playing horse and buggy.  It was hard getting them to hold still for a pic on that one.  :).

My husband helped me make this sturdy shape memory game.  He cut the wood circles and I took care of the foam shapes.  Te older girls loved shape memory. Mi did a variation for the younger girls that everyone played.  I turned one set of the shapes face side up then held the other.  I turned one shape over at a time then called out a girls' name and they had to find the matching shape before I counted to 5.  They all thought this was great fun!

Day four of circles was tube day.  I introduced the crawl tube house complete with mini ball pit that I amazingly won at a fund raiser.  :).   We also made these very fashionable straw tube necklaces and bracelets.  Then the girls suggested we do our nails to finish their glam looks.  :)

Day 5 of circles was wheel day!  We loved our wheels today.  I made a simple road on top of our corner bench with blue masking tape and created a little town to drive around.  Hubby made a nice little ramp where the cars could drive down and go to the "car wash". The car wash was big fun!  They all had to change into their spare clothes.  They loved the little sponges (i just cut up a regular sponge) and bubbles in the wash.  Who says girls don't like playing with cars!!
For art we used liquid watercolors to paint the black circles that they made yesterday with black tempera paint and a juice cup.  (I've done this with PVC pipe in different sizes). We also went outside and drove up and down on trikes and push cars.
The last is just a bonus pic of our delicious lunch..home made corn dogs...yummy.
Circle week was awesome!  

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