Monday, March 24, 2014

Ready or Not...

Here they come!  I'm excited for my first day.  I will be starting with a smaller number of children.
Our first theme is shapes...I'm starting easy.  This week we are doing circles.
Here is how it's set up...

We obviously still have some work to painting the rest-time room and getting a new tv (don't you love that monstrosity!), but over-all I like the general arrangement and progress.  This last picture is where we will have calendar and circle time.  :).
I set up a little parent corner which will end up being a parent board.  I used a few cheap picture frames and will write the menu, the week theme, and our daily activities on them.
We did a fun circle collage by putting contact paper in the window.  The girls loved it!
 I'm introducing or highlighting a new toy/activity every day with each theme.  Today was plates, bowls, and cups to go with our circle theme...which of course encouraged playing house in the dramatic play area.  We also traced circles during individual/group time.
Other fun today:  
The girls liked playing puppy-complete with water bowls, playing little people zoo, and especially our baby stroller walk!
Here are the girls at lunch.  We are doing family style dining including passing and serving our own food.  I love my colorful plastic plates!  The girls said they are rainbow plates.  :)
Overall first day impressions:  This is a big change from teaching preschool which I have been happily doing these last 5+ years but  I'm loving it!  I love that I can be with my own daughter and still get to teach.  I love that she is benefitting from my "best hours" instead of getting exhausted mommy at the end of the day.  I love the numbers!  I love having more freedom and less pressure in what I choose to teach.  I'm very blessed and thankful to have this opportunity.  :)

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