Friday, May 2, 2014


 This week was triangle week.  I'm happy to say it is our last week of shapes.  Shapes were tons of fun, but I'm ready to move on to something new.  :).
Day one of triangles:  our word today was triangle to introduce the theme.  Our triangle song this week is sung to Sally the Camel, and goes like this:
A triangle has (clap and jump) three sides (repeat)
A triangle has (clap and jump) three sides
1,2,3 boom boom boom (while shaking hips)
Above is our triangle window art.  The outline of the triangles is the plastic folders and the girls colored them in on the contact paper with sharpies.

Our word for day two of triangles was pizza!  I made a felt and foam pizza similar to the sandwich shop game from square week, and it was hiding in our surprise closet.  The girls had fun making pizzas for each other today.

Day four of triangles was tent day:  the word today was tent.  I absolutely love the tent my DH made for us for tent day.  I have no idea how he made it except that he used wood, drilled a hole in the top for PVC pipe, and rolled the sheet around a thin strip of wood then nailed it all around the frame. It is pretty sturdy.  We played bear hunt,camping, castle, laid in the tent to watch a video, and took it outside and rode our trikes through it today.  

Day four of triangle week was cone day.  We set up cones and rode around them with our trikes outside. (I did not get a pic of that).  I did get a pic of the sponge triangle art that the girl did.  The second picture is our Popsicle stick shape man.  I made Velcro Popsicle sticks and the girls have enjoyed making shapes, monsters, robots, houses, etc. during small groups this week. What a terrific triangle week!
Bonus pic:  Hanging out in the cubbies.  :)

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